As an artistic person, I have often been referred to as creative. Certainly the work I have done in the past 8 years is in a creative market. Websites, graphic design, even photography.. These are all things I enjoy working on. But I often see more creativity in the people around me. My step-daughter is an amazingly creative person, and she sees things in the world around her that the rest of us miss. No, I honestly believe my greatest strength is my editing skills. Seriously, whether it’s helping a co-worker rewrite a letter, organizing a closet, editing my daughters essay, or editing a photo, my true skill is making something a little better than it was before. I’m a visual person and I like things to look good.

So while I work on improving my photography skills, figuring out how to get just the right settings and lighting for a given situation, I struggle just a little bit to learn how to be more creative with my shooting. To move away from the accidental amazing shot, to the intentional one. Like most people, I try looking through magazines, websites and images looking for ideas and inspiration; and while all those things are helpful, I have decided the best advice for finding your creative inner self is to just let go and not try too hard. Have fun with whatever your doing and try to look at the world around you with fresh eyes… entertain your inner child and just maybe you’ll find your creative side.



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