An Introduction…


So I’m a part time web and graphic designer… I mostly provide services to people within my six degrees of separation – that would be referrals.  As my husband says, I “sit home and play on the computer.”  Since I work on websites for friends and clients, I knew sooner or later I would need to examine the ins and outs of WordPress.  Up till now I haven’t really had much need to learn more than what WordPress offers on its own site.   But now as I find that my witty and clever step-daughter has started a blog to share with the world her incredible insight and humorous reflection on her world, I thought that perhaps it was time that I learn a little more about all that WordPress can do.  So please suffer through with me as I struggle to learn not only more about WordPress… but also about how to find my own voice, which is not nearly as interesting and clever as step-daughter’s.

Since I also enjoy a little photography… and these days, who doesn’t?  I thought I would use my personal blog to share some of my images. Hope you enjoy them.



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  1. Christina

    Oooohh!! I love your photography! Looking forward to the pictures and your stories along with them. 😀

  2. Michelle

    Cyndi- you are so talented! I am VERY happy you are sharing your gifts on the web. You are an amazing photographer. 🙂

    PS post pics of Georgie- heehee

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