It’s the Island Life for Me


Where do you feel at peace or truly at home?

For me I’ve found it’s in Maui. Now I know what most of you are probably thinking, ya right, who wouldn’t? But really, it’s true, and I didn’t know it until I went there. I soon discovered that it really is different for everyone. My step-daughter said it’s San Diego, my husband would say home is home (true Arizonan through and through), and my daughter likes it there, but last I checked she didn’t like that she wouldn’t be able to go snow boarding. I’ve had the great fortune of having been able to visit several beautiful places, Tahiti, Barbados, Kauai, Big Island of Hawaii, San Diego, Monterey Bay… can you see the theme? I can’t seem to stay away from beaches! But it wasn’t until I spent time in Maui that I truly discovered the sense of being at home somewhere ~ the sense of inner peace.

We recently returned from one of our trips there (destination of choice now) and I love how it recharges me. I was listening to a webinar this morning about the photography business and it helped me to realize that I really want to bring the beauty and peacefulness of Maui that draws me there into my photography. That what I want to bring to my art is simple, relaxed, natural beauty with a peaceful quality. I really hope to live up to that.



  1. Dedicated server

    Over time, we ve had so many pets on the island that I named it Pet Rock back in the 80s. And there is just something special about an island. So special in fact, that my mother wrote a book about it.

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