Locations, How to Choose…


With all this beautiful spring weather we are having you may be thinking its a great time to have your photos taken… then you think, but where? While I or another photographer can recommend a location, these are your pictures, so you should certainly consider where you would like them taken.

The great thing about the valley is that we have a wonderful variety of scenic areas and terrain to choose from. Whether you enjoy lush green parks, desert areas, waterways or an urban setting, it’s all available to you. Where do you spend your time? What are your interests? Are you country chic/guy, urban type, fashionista, nature lover or a girly girl?  Try and find a location that matches your style and personality. What appeals to you?  Is there someplace that has special meaning to you? The great thing is you don’t need a lot of space, just someplace you feel comfortable and can be yourself.

Some things to consider when choosing a location:

Natural light is ideal, so if possible you want to select a location that provides plenty of natural, diffused light. It’s important to avoid the direct midday sun because it produces harsh shadows, so look for places that offer light shade where the sunlight is softer. Walk around the location you would like your photos taken at and consider the amount and type of light you see during the time of day you’ll have the photos taken.

Areas of Interest:
Since we don’t always need a lot of space, you can look for interesting niches, walkways, tall grass, flowers or interesting walls that can be used as a backdrop. Having these areas to take pictures can offer you some variety. Of course you also want to be sure your location enhances your photos, and is not a distraction, so while you want interest, you don’t want it to seem too busy either.

Urban areas are popular right now and can be a lot of fun. They can offer you a lot of color and textures which can look fantastic. Here again you want to look for a variety of spots you can use. Think about your style, consider the time it will take to walk to the various locations, how busy will it be?

Keep in mind that while parks are usually open to the public, many locations may be private property or require a permit to photograph there. It’s always a good idea to do a little research to figure out who owns it and get permission before you show up on someone’s land.

Ultimately the important thing about your location is that you will be comfortable and that it is a true reflection of who you are. Don’t be afraid to suggest a location, working together we can develop a plan to ensure you have meaningful, beautiful photos you and your family will cherish!



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