Christine & Seth


I’m going to back up a couple months for this post… I’m not very good at keeping my blog up-to-date, and I hope to keep it as interesting as possible. But after having a conversation with a friend, I thought talking about the experience of a session might be of interest to you all.

A few months ago I agreed to do an engagement shoot for a very good friend of mine. I was excited to take their photos, and honestly a little nervous… I actually tend to get a bit of nerves before most of my sessions thinking about all the details, and having a good friend in front of my lens makes it worse. I want to make sure everything is perfect for them!

In this case, we were shooting in a down-town location that I honestly love. It has a lot of scenic variety and lighting conditions. My friends have fun, sometimes quirky personalities and other than a couple of shot ideas, I wasn’t entirely sure what we would come up with. I usually like to have a little bit of a plan, but sometimes it’s great to just go with it. My friend Christine assured me it wouldn’t be your typical lovey-dovey type engagement shoot. So we just had a good time that afternoon and I took a TON of photos of them. When I looked through the shoot I was so happy to realize that it was probably one of my best sessions. I love their photos, and more importantly they loved their photos!  Christine said she was surprised, not because we took some great photos, but she said it was because “I felt like we just walked around and had a good time. Then I saw the photos and they were amazing”. Well, I can’t think of a better compliment then that!  My goal will always be that… to make anyone I’m photographing feel like they are having good time, and make them feel even better about themselves when they see their images. (I also think she was surprised at how “lovey-dovey” they actually were). 🙂



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